06/10/2021 | Live on your Screen

The spotlight is on marketing like never before. Businesses are looking to marketing leaders to act as the growth engine. They depend on them to support the transition to virtual sales, reconnect with changing buyer behaviour, and build products that can thrive in a changed business landscape.

Product Marketing – the driving force behind getting products to market – and making them scale now becomes the overarching voice of the customer.

The Product Marketing Conference featuring an all-star lineup of experts will share best practices & frameworks from across the globe along with the latest trends and.

Join us and get ready for a full day packed with actionable ideas, strategies and insights.


Seven hours of thought-leadership

In a time when digital products thrive and customer journeys become more complicated the role of Product Marketing becomes all the more important. Organizations need products to scale while reflecting on customer needs.
The Product Marketing Conference will showcase practices that can bring the best results for any kind of digital product. Its lineup will consist of experts from Europe and the US who will provide hands-on insights, actionable insights, and how to’s on product launches, Go-to-market models, research and positioning.

Actionable Content

Today, more than ever, we need best practices rather than theory and that’s exactly what this conference is about. The speakers are experienced Product Marketing practitioners who will share their learnings via their long experience in the field. Attendees will leave with practical insights, frameworks and tips that can put to work immediately.



Yoni Solomon

CMO, Uptime

Yannick Kpodar

Global Director of Product Marketing, Payfit

Irshad Raihan

Director of Product Marketing, Red Hat

Jonathan Maimon

Director of Product Marketing, Elementor

Elizabeth (Grygorieva) Shcherbakova

Product Marketing, Depop

Renu Jinturkar

Product Marketing, Google

Pillars Explored

Product Launches

Whether it’s a small-scale feature update or a new product, launches are the cornerstone of the product marketing position.

It will be showcased why Product marketers are the people behind the scenes and why they sit at the intersection of many departments – like sales, product, customer success, finance and engineering – to coordinate every single action effectively.

Customer and market research

Before any launch comes the pre-work. Product Marketers are the masters of it and conduct research on many aspects like, market research, persona research, win/loss interviews and case studies.

The conference will explore topics on every aspect around those elements and how to navigate through its results.

Positioning & messaging

Positioning and messaging is the difference between a ‘great’ and a ‘good’ product.  How do you convince though an entire market to buy a new product?

The aim in this instance is to understand what does and doesn’t make your market tick and then frame your product around those elements. The conference will present templates, industry-wide documents that help and how products are reflected across an organization’s digital mediums.


Getting a product to market effectively is the backbone of every successful organization.

It leans on lots of communication, moving parts and skillsets, and enabling the product to sell itself.

This  section will be sharing frameworks, learnings and tips that will enable every product to successfully Go-To-Market.

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